Bach chorales and Advent featured in Nov. 22 hymn concert

Bach chorales and Advent featured in Nov. 22 hymn concert on Sunday, November 22, at 4:30 p.m. at Neffsville Mennonite Church, Lancaster, Pa.,

Glenn Lehman will lead a hymn concert of Bach chorales and new songs of Advent. The congregational singing will be assisted by Daryl Snider, guitar and recorder; Jason Blome, trumpet; Janet Tisinger, soprano; and Frank Dodd, organ, as well as by the acappella Harmonies Vocal Ensemble.

The chorales will include:  “A Mighty Fortress,” “O Sacred Head,” “Sleepers Awake,” “How Brightly Shines the Morningstar,” “Jesus, priceless treasure” and others Bach harmonized. The Advent songs and hymns, drawn from recent hymnals, include “My soul proclaims with wonder,” “Maranatha, come,” No wind at the window,” “The Angel Gabriel,” as well as classic Advent hymns.

“We deserve the thrill of singing as though the world depends on it—which maybe it does,” said Lehman “This music delights the heart, the head and the body.  With dedicated talented musicians leading us, we sound like a piece of heaven.”

The concert, the fifth in a series, attracts avid singers.  All are invited. Suggested $5 donation at the door.

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