12th Annual Hymn Sing held April 2



The 12th Annual Harmonies Sing was held on Sunday, April 2, at 6:30 p.m., at the Blossom Hill Mennonite Church, Lancaster, Pa.


A variety of traditional hymns were led acappella by Mike Burkholder, Stan Godshall, Glenn Lehman, David Sauder, and Gretchen Thomas. “Good acoustics and dedicated singers made this evening in song a rare delight,” commented Lehman afterwards. “We sounded like a rehearsed choir.”


An offering was received for Harmonies Workshop and its work of promoting and empowering hymns. Recognition was given to Stanley Godshall for his long service on the Board of Directors.


Left photo: Stanley Godshall, who has led singing at all 12 of the hymn sing series. Right photo: Gretchen Thomas at the 12th Annual Hymn Sing


Rebirth CD Cover

After 45 year on vinyl, Rebirth is emerging again with this re-release of their third and final self-titled album produced by Harmonies Workshop.


As seniors at Eastern Mennonite College, Rebirth peaked with a recording contract and an offer of a one-year touring contract from a national campus ministry. They graduated, took a VW bug and their music to state-of-the-art studios in Atlanta and NYC and made their third and final recording.


Now available at www.rebirthforsale.com